Food Expericence

Food is one of our deepest passions

Tradition, territory, innovation, inclusion and sustainability. These are the five pillars on which our Food Experience is based.

Tradition, Territory and Innovation

We want to promote and bring to life the recipes and traditions of both Sambenedettese and Marchigian cuisine. In this way, you will take home a unique and unforgettable memory, a piece of us and of the Marche region, becoming an Ambassador of our cuisine.

Innovation concerns not only the creation or reinterpretation of certain dishes and recipes, but also the variety of sensory experiences we want you to enjoy!

Inclusive cuisine: everyone gets their own meal!

Our kitchen team is constantly training to create creative and tasty solutions that are also suitable for those with special dietary requirements (intolerances, allergies), or simply dietary preferences dictated by a lifestyle, a philosophy of life or a religious belief. When you book with us, please tell us what your preferences or needs are, so that together we can find the solutions that suit you best!


We prefer products from our own land, preferring small local producers because they respect the seasonality and biodiversity of the area.

Our Chef Salvatore, who is passionate about the sea and fishing, together with Dad Giuseppe, personally takes care of going to the port to get the best fish directly from the sailors he trusts, a tradition and a ritual that has been going on for over 30 years!

Thanks to Salvatore, you will sink into a sea of…. taste and be swept away by a sensory experience that will involve all five senses!

La Merenda

New for 2021!.
We have decided to createsnacks for you that you can drink from the comfort of on the beach!

An afternoon break with our homemade pastry and delicious fresh fruit salad.

Eat well, laugh often, love much

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